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Your Astrology/Tarot reading includes the following:

1) Natal Chart and Interpretation Aspects and Asteroids
2) Natal Chart Drawing
3) Intuitive Reading based on Natal Chart
4) Tarot Symbology Reading based upon Natal Chart

Personalized Readings will be emailed to you and will look something like this:

Natal Chart Report
John Smith

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Welcome to your Natal Chart report.

Your Natal Chart report is an astrological chart based on the mathematically precise positions of the planets and the Sun & Moon at the time, date and place of your birth. It provides you with insights into your character and personal life potentials by indicating the strengths you have and the challenges you experience in life.

Your Natal Chart report covers among other things your primary motivation in life, your identity, emotions, mentality, love and sexuality, spirituality, earning ability and career potentialities and so on.

In some parts of the report you will come across apparent contradictions in the descriptions of your character. This is to be expected; people are complex and have many contradictory facets to their personality.

Birth Data

John Smith 79w23'00
Natal Chart 43n39'00
1 Jan 1972 Geocentric
3:19:16 PM Tropical
EST +05:00:00 Placidus
Toronto ON True Node

Planet Positions

Sun 10z 31' 31" Capricorn
Moon 23z 14' 16" Cancer
Mercury 17z 58' 13" Sagittarius
Venus 11z 50' 07" Aquarius
Mars 03z 55' 39" Aries
Jupiter 22z 32' 14" Sagittarius
Saturn 00z 22' 46" Gemini Retrograde
Uranus 18z 06' 27" Libra
Neptune 04z 07' 34" Sagittarius
Pluto 02z 03' 02" Libra
Moon's North Node 05z 17' 56" Aquarius Retrograde
Moon's South Node 05z 17' 56" Leo Retrograde
Ascendant 20z 52' 35" Gemini
Midheaven 23z 42' 03" Aquarius
Chiron 09z 24' 54" Aries
Ceres 22z 18' 08" Leo
Pallas 16z 42' 52" Taurus
Juno 15z 56' 02" Libra
Vesta 28z 36' 23" Aquarius
Galactic Centre 26z 27' 52" Sagittarius
Diamond 12z 27' 21" Capricorn


Sun QuartoSquare Mercury 0z03' A
Sun SemiSextile Venus 1z19' S
Sun Square Mars 6z36' S
Sun Square Uranus 7z35' A
Sun Decile Neptune 0z24' S
Sun TriSeptile Moon's South Node 0z56' S
Sun QuadNovile Ascendant 0z21' S
Sun SemiSquare Midheaven 1z49' A
Sun Square Chiron 1z07' S
Sun Square Juno 5z25' A
Sun Conjunct Diamond 1z56' A ...


The Ascendant describes your personality and image, the face you show the world, and the nature of your personal and wider environment.

Ascendant in Gemini
Your primary motivation in life is to have freedom of action and movement, coupled with the ability to come and go as you please. You are communicative, talkative and understand things quickly. Naturally inquisitive, you enjoy exchanging ideas and information with others. You may be an interviewer, lecturer, public speaker, writer or academic. However, you can also display a superficial attitude or a preoccupation with trivia. Your environment is always busy. Physically, you are vivacious, but also very restless...

Astro-Tarot Reading:

Sun in Capricorn:

XV The Devil: The image of the Devil is a familiar but often mistaken as a sinister one. In the Tarot he squats between a man and woman who are chained to his pedestal. This is the card of materialism and excess. The Devil rules the the excesses of the physical body and the senses. The Devil is also connected with lust and greed, and with a refusal to recognize anything other than the value of pleasure for its own sake.
Meaning: Power, tyranny, lust and greed. An immovable obstacle that cannot be overcome yet may be worked around. Discontent and depression caused by an overwhelming force. It also means unbreakable bonds and inability to let go or go with the flow.
In the position of the Sun Sign: The Devil in this position can give heed to excessive behaviors and stubborness...